Get to know the variety of Indonesian wood

Wood is a material that is very often used for frames, cabinets or other furniture. Indonesia itself is a country blessed with various types of quality wood. However, Indonesian wood has different types and characters, this is what makes the use of each type of wood also different and has different advantages.

From every experience, we will tell you several types of wood and what advantages and disadvantages you might get when using one type of wood.

1. Teak wood

Of course, this is wood that is very well known for its durability and beauty of its pattern. Teak wood does have a very good character for all the needs of building a house both for decoration and furniture. The impression of luxury, majesty, solidity and style is the main attraction of teak wood, so it's no wonder this wood has a high selling value.

There are things that not many people know about teak, namely the oil content in teak wood is very high. That is what makes teak wood has good strength and looks beautiful with its patterns.

2. Merbau wood

Because teak wood is quite expensive, merbau wood can be the second strongest solution after teak at a price that is cheaper than teak. The advantages of merbau wood also cannot be underestimated, in terms of color merbau wood has unique colors ranging from light brown to reddish brown which will give a modern impression in your home.

In addition to color and high hardness, merbau wood also has the advantage of being resistant to insect attacks and extreme weather. Usually merbau wood is used to make wooden floors because it may not have a very enjoyable fiber motif but has a very charming color.

3. Mahogany

Although not as strong as it is, mahogany can also be an alternative choice for furniture in your room. Mahogany wood has an appeal in its striking reddish color and has a very beautiful grain pattern.

Apart from being attractive to the color and pattern of the wood, mahogany is also attractive in terms of a more economical price. Usually mahogany wood is used for making house doors as well as making furniture.

4. Sonokeling wood

Generally we know 2 types of sono wood, namely sono kembang and sonokeling. This time we will discuss about sonokeling which is very unique and luxurious. This is because this wood has many advantages such as teak wood. The luxury of sonokeling wood lies in its dark brown color and has a very beautiful striped pattern.

Suitable for furniture materials and wood floors that will not disappoint with luxurious patterns and a high level of durability, making the price of this rosewood wood a bit expensive.

5. Pine Wood

Pine wood or what people call Dutch teak is wood that is often used for furniture. Maybe we have thought about why this wood was given the nickname Dutch teak, maybe because this wood has a motif similar to teak but with a dominant white color.

Pine wood does have a motif that cannot be underestimated, but unfortunately this wood has a weakness against insects and weather changes.

6. Coconut Wood

Coconut wood is commonly used for building materials. Coconut wood is wood taken from a coconut tree that is very old and will no longer bear fruit. This type of wood is usually used as a wooden beam that is perfect for house roof posts.

We often hear that coconut wood is strong and resistant to insect attack, but unfortunately not all coconut wood has this strength. Along with the development of the era, coconut wood is not only used as a building material but also used as raw material for making wooden kitchen utensils such as mortar, spatula, even bowls and plates.

7. Camphor wood

It seems that the name camphor is familiar. That's right, camphor wood is wood whose sap is used as raw material for camphor or camphor. The fibers in this wood are soft and sharp, besides this wood also has a distinctive smell that makes this wood disliked by insects.

Camphor wood can be used as another alternative as high quality wood for building materials. Although relatively strong, this wood has a light weight, so it is often considered a bad wood.

8. Meranti wood

Meranti wood is a type of wood that is quite strong. Not many people know that meranti wood is divided into two types, namely withered meranti and red meranti. The structure of this wood is tough enough that this wood does not easily expand and shrink due to weather changes.

Generally, meranti wood is widely used for the manufacture of door frames and doors. But many also choose meranti wood in the form of plywood as raw material for minimalist furniture. With the advantages of meranti, you can be sure that meranti plywood is good enough plywood to be your choice.

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