How To Choose A Good Plywood

Plywood is the most preferred material for the interior manufacturing process and various wood hobby projects. Plywood also has a precise thickness, is easy to work with and produces the product you want.

Plywood also saves processing time compared to solid wood processing, because you have to tap it to match the size. In addition, plywood has also undergone drying treatments so there is no need to worry about a twist

However, plywood also comes in various qualities, from the best quality (usually the full meranti type) to the albasia quality (full sengon). All come with a variety of prices and the required quality. However, if you want to buy plywood for your own use or for a project, you should be really careful when choosing. Here are some tips for choosing good plywood.

Pay attention to the straightness of the plywood board

If your decision is right in choosing plywood for your project, then you should spend a little time selecting carefully and checking the alignment of the plywood. Because sometimes we will encounter plywood that is bent like chips. Plywood like this will be difficult to work with, even if it can be used, usually a lot will be wasted.

Check Plywood Edges

After you get straight plywood, next you have to pay attention to the edges of the plywood. Look carefully at the edges of each side of the plywood, because from the edges you will see the neatness of the veneer arrangement inside. Try to find plywood that has a solid, sturdy coating, and doesn't have cavities that indicate poor quality glue.

Know the Plywood Grade

Plywood has various grade qualities. If you are going to buy a premium one, then make sure the seller also understands the quality we need. Especially if you want to use it for a children's room or even for children's toys, you should make sure to choose plywood that has a standard formaldehyde-free glue. It's just for your information that formaldehyde is a substance that contains formaldehyde and if it evaporates it can cause several health problems such as respiratory problems, insomnia, and an increased risk of cancer.

Know Face and Back Plywood

The plywood coating on the top and bottom covers is divided into two, namely face and back. The face is the part that displays the side of the plywood to be exposed in front, usually there are sungkai, teak, meranti, and mahogany faces. Meanwhile, back is a veener covering part using meranti or sengon material, depending on the quality. However, make sure the face or back does not have a defect that interferes so that it can be used optimally.

Some of the tips for choosing plywood from us, hopefully with some of the methods above can help you get the right plywood for your project needs. If you are still confused about getting a plywood that is good and really suits your needs then there is nothing wrong if you contact Kayu Asia Raya, because we have the wooden solution you need.

Kayu Asia Raya have plywood of good quality for your needs with full meranti specifications that are strong and durable. Don't worry about the price, because Kayu Asia Raya will offer the best price for you.

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